Go Nuts ft. Slim Pickens & Venomous2000 cuts by Chinch 33 (produced by Rasmus)

by Venomous2000

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Track soon coming from the A MOMENT TO REFLECT III album by Venomous2000



Im iLL
sick mental
deal rhythms u feel
plentiful skills
get in'em
real as the streets
nights no street lights
my mic kill
beef right
on sight
I cant
got the heat of a Sun
solar winds blow
my flow toast and burnem
Sho Nuff
I Kol' Krush
wit Ro Bust
flavas that
makem Go Nuts
Hold up
I feel Im bout to blow up
roll the dro up
fresh grow cut
glow prescribed doses
got my focus
the opus
style white lotus
Motive is the culture
pluck ery feather
from these new world
spit curl posers
Hipsters in loafers
Easily I approach ya
Scream RAID!!!
cockaroaches get sprayed
legs up
laid out
Final days of the rat wack
Im grave diggin
name offending
Fame dwindling
Aim target
Game ending

Now hold up officers, don't you see my craft? Let me kick it, save ya tickets, got my HipHop badge…Dag!
She'll be glad when I finally splash, hold the Mic with the GODS so with TITANS we clash…Crash!
All the boards if they open of course, Rock a show up in Canada, the coldest of North
Mind work like a cheetah with the speed of a Porsche, Treat ya like a step-child, have a seat on my porch…TALK!!!
And get torched, scorched, off of the Earth, feel relief when I speak it's like after the burp or birth
So what's worse? You should swallow ya smirks, Got the Puerto Rican blues, they call it "Aye Papi Smurf"
Lurk within the crevices the deadliest of writtens, beat words to eardrums till somebody listens
Change ya opposition, what's the point of going derelict, night time, but this the morning wood and I'm still erect!
Stand correct, I demand respect, we got the open Mausoleums for ya people who slept
Boombox like the Bullies, put my tape in ya decks, Using I-pods? thought you were so HipHop Fresh
Negative X, yup, Giving you the audio boom, this is mic matrimony like a Bride & the Groom
Stop, Resume, Illyuwn, Throw the Ones like Rez, like a madman's gun to ya head, do what he says
Throwing stones up in Flint, like my first name Fred, I agree with John Cusack, ya Better Off Dead
But hold up, see I could save you, as long as you are thankful, hard to follow leaders, when I move so graceful
Flavor like basil, have you leaking from ya nasal, deny it if you want, see you a slave if they pay you
To GO NUTs like cashews and hazels, lyricism all in my mug, look at the facial
Took a little while, cause the style was unstable, but now my engine revving through walls just like BREAK-THRU


released February 9, 2013
Lyrics: Slim Pickens & Venomous2000
Cuts by Chich 33
produced by Rasmus aka Dres



all rights reserved


Venomous2000 Passaic

"I define myself as a humble student of the art," reflects Underground Hip Hop sensation, Venomous 2000: The Ultra Emcee. For the emcee, his "classroom" was his native Passaic, New Jersey; drawing creative influence from timeless sources including: soul classics like Marvin Gaye and the Jackson 5 to Hip Hop legends, KRS-One and Rakim. ... more

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